Base Wash Services


A-1 Box & Tank Wash LLC. specializes in cleaning tanks that are utilized to store various products including hazardous chemicals, petrochemicals, crude oil, hazardous wastes and even water. Whether you are changing product, inspecting tank integrity, making modifications and repairs, removing solid and sludge, removing contamination or demolishing a tank, A-1 Box & Tank Wash LLC. is prepared with trained personnel and state-of-the-art equipment to clean your tank, meeting your expectations and regulatory requirements. 

Frac Tanks

Not only do we clean Tankers,  A-1 Box & Tank Wash  LLC, also cleans Hazardous and Non- Hazardous Fracs.  Frac tanks need to be cleaned after they are used in the drilling, fracking and completion phases of a well. Used to store oil-based (OBM) or water-based drilling mud, frac tanks need intensive cleanings at the conclusion of a drilling project. 

 We work closely with our customers to determine the most appropriate cleaning methods for the job at hand. Our cleaning procedures vary depending on the commodity being hauled.    The process of removing hydrocarbon vapours, liquids or residues, solids.  We also offer 20k hydroblasting to remove cement or other residue products.  Other Cleaning of Frac tank may involve.

  • Pit cleaning
  • Rig wash/detox
  • Frac tank cleanout
  • Frac sand removal
  • Solids removal

Roll- Off Boxes

We clean  everyday trash boxes, to  Hazardous Waste Removal boxes and dig  out and handling. Our pricing and services can not be beat in all of the SETX area. 

Metal Roll Top's

We are not limited to just roll- off boxes we also wash out Metal Roll- Tops and Dewatering Boxes

70-80 Barrels & 130 Barrels

Needing to have a Truck washed out ASAP, you are more than welcome to wait and we can get you prompt service

Air Movers

We will clean all filters of the air mover, replacing filters as needed and upon request.

Vaccum Boxes

We specialize in Hazardous and Non Hazardous Vaccum Boxes.

Boats 16'-26'

 Boat cleaning , let us help you get ready for a great day out on the lake.