Disposal Services

Heel Removal

Unloading a tank can be a challenging process. Since most general-purpose Roll - off boxes / tanks  have little if any slope to the drain or unloading tube area, some of the product hauled can be left behind. Called “heel” the left-behind residue can vary significantly in viscosity, melting point, density, polymerization and impurity content.

Other factors that determine the amount of heel is the amount of heat applied at unloading, the time required to unload the Box/ Tanker and the amount of time since the last thorough cleaning.  

Non - Hazardous Heel Removal

Hazardous Heel Removal

Hazardous Waste Removal

Water Disposal

 We are registered with TCEQ with an industrial and hazardous waste EPA number.

(TXR – 000082554), Industrial solid waste number (SWR- 95848).

 We are a large quantity generator

 We are a 10-day transfer storage facility.

 We specialize in handling hazardous and non-hazardous waste removal from all environmental equipment.

 We weld/fabricate/repair all types of containers.

 We sand blast and paint all types of containers.

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