VIK Inspections

  Borderline Services LLC. is authorized to administer VIK/Cargo Tank inspections on DOT 406, 407, 412 and MC-406 tanks. Our process includes an external and internal visual inspection, leakage testing, pressure testing and thickness testing.

In addition to inspection and testing, we offer a vast array of repair services to include aluminum and steel welding and repairs, brakes, painting, linings, clean out and a complete inventory of trailer parts

Inspection Process

  An external visual inspection is an annual inspection consisting of a thorough visual inspection of the outside of each cargo tank, including tank support, pumps, piping, etc. 

Internal visual inspections consist of a thorough inspection of the inside of the cargo tank.

 Leakage testing is an annual test that detects for leaks in the entire system, including the permanently attached piping and pumps. Each cargo tank is pressurized to a minimum of 80% of the tank design pressure or MAWP and must hold this pressure for a minimum of five minutes. 

The pressure test is a five- year test which tests the integrity of the tank at 1 ½ times the MAWP for all cargo tanks including the DOT 406, 407 and 412 type units. The tank must hold the pressure for five minutes. 

  A thickness test is performed every two years to ensure the tank shell meets minimum thickness requirements.  



Aluminum Welding and Repairs - Steel Welding and Repairs - Brakes - Painting - Linings -Clean Out -Trailer parts   Borderline Services LLC. also repairs suspension, lights, decals, axles, brakes (air brake system analysis replacement or repair),  fender and frame, and Sand T replacement or repair.